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About Texas Minstrel Art and More

C.D. Collins is a 4th generation native Texan, a true lover of all things Texas. He is a lifelong musician, playwright, former oilman, geologist, loving family man, former Praise Band leader, rock/blues guitarist and songwriter. We published this collection of song lyrics and  poems, A Picture of Me, The Lyrical Poetry of A Texas Minstrel, on Amazon in 2018. You can now buy on Amazon or any of your favorite online book sellers. 

Retirement has inspired The Minstrel to expand his horizons and return to his love of painting.  His works can be found hanging in West Texas, North Texas, and Washington state. He is a member of the Plano Art Association and was honored to be their Spotlight Artist of the Week. 

If original canvases are not in your budget, you can buy prints of these Original Paintings on canvas

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